Everything is possible!

A close network of specialists with a&o logistics is available for your different missions around the logistics market.

a&o logistics offers you qualified solutions in the logistics market. Worldwide

If you have an order to transport from Europe on the building site at Dubai International airport and we have to bring the right quantity of your products optimized in a small time frame in the site or if you need us to bring requested products from China factory to your European retailer.

Optimizing of loading quantities, providing and handling of Import- and Export Documentation, Customs Clearance, Acceptance, Physical Handling, Consignment, Labeling, Repacking and Delivery to your customer as their request: a&o logistics  can do.

a&o logistics handles international comprehensive and competent logistical processes und takes care for co-ordination with all related parties, such as it will be the best for your product.

a&o logistics worldwide partner. From the order placed to your vendor up to your clients.

a&o logistics for your small and big project transports. After successfull planing and permits we are fast, careful and efficient.

a&o logistics. You know the destination, we know the way.